Below are instructions for how to securely deliver ATS/CRM data to HIRABL. Questions? Email

  1. Send your data via email

    1. Email your CSV/XLS file to

  2. Send your data via SFTP

    1. Email to request an SFTP username and password.

  3. Big Biller

    1. Select "Data Backup" under the "Settings" menu.

    2. Your Data Backup file will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

    3. Once received, email these 5 CSV files to Activity.csv, ActivityLinks.csv,  People.csv,  JobOrder.csv, Recruiters.csv

  4. Bond Adapt (V11, V9, V8)

    1. Email to initiate a data extract request with Bond.

  5. Bullhorn

    1. Bullhorn customers can obtain OAuth keys for developing applications with the Bullhorn REST API by creating a support ticket via the Bullhorn Resource Center.

  6. Chameleon-i

    1. Email and HIRABL will coordinate the data exchange.

  7. Crelate

    1. Email to initiate a data extract request with Crelate. 
  8. JobScience

    1. Email and HIRABL will coordinate data exchange.

  9. Maxhire

    1. Generate a list of submissions by going to “Reports>Activities>Detail by Company” and then adjust the date range to capture 2 years of data. Then select “Activity filter = “send resumes” (without quotes)>Add to List>Run report”. You can then export the search result to XLS.

    2. To get a list of KNOWN PLACEMENTS go to “Reports>Placements>by Company” and then export to XML/XLS.

  10. Sendouts

    1. Requires generating two separate reports:

      1. Go to Job Order>Work Flow>Activity report (exclude “Match Created” and “Candidate Approval” statuses). Export to XLS.

      2. Company Contact>Reports>Hiring Manager List Expanded pulls all client contact emails. Export to XLS.

  11. PCRecruiter from Mainsequence

    1. Request an API using this form:

    2. After you’ve completed the form, email to inform them the API request has been completed.

  12. Microdec

    1. Email and HIRABL will coordinate data exchange.

  13. Invenias

    1. Email and HIRABL will coordinate data exchange.

  14. RDB via App Store

    1. Go to the RDB App store.

    2. Search and save the “HIRABL” plugin file to your desktop.

    3. In RDB, go to “Options Manager > Plugin Packages > Install” and select the saved plugin from your desktop.

    4. Set users who can access the plugin.

    5. Run the plugin as per the instructions.

    6. Email the exported data to

  15. Darwin

    1. Contact Mike Chatna to request a data export. Once your data is received, send it to

    2. Mike direct line: +44 (0)121 285 0638

    3. Mike email: