Data that Improves Relationships, Creates Value

In October we released a new interface that allows clients to manage, share, and optimize their HIRABL reports.

The Hiring Manager Report is our newest, highest value report. It tells you when a Hiring Manager you work with changes employers – for example, Rangappa Prasad left Bumble Bee Foods and moved to SAP in September:

For clients, this information should provoke two calls:

1) To the "Previous Employer" to identify a new point of contact so that your current job orders and client relationship aren't lost.
2) To the Hiring Manager to ask about hiring needs at their Current Employer.

This report is designed to increase sales activity with targeted, timely information that ensures your recruiters aren't the last to know about changes in key relationships.

We also provide this information for candidate movements – when candidates you previously placed change jobs, it creates a "backfill" opportunity at the Previous Employer, and a chance to follow that candidate into their new, Current Employer, and ask about hiring needs there.

Interested in learning more about how these reports can increase sales at your agency?

Request a demo today, and for those already using HIRABL, let us know how else you plan to use this information!