FAQs for HIRABL's New Reports

Our new reports came out in October (apologies for the delays to many of you). There have been a lot of good questions/ideas about the reports – here's the quick hits:

Q: Does the rhythm of our monthly data exchange change now?
A: No. The first of every month we request your data. We ask again on the 4th and 7th. Agencies who have automated the data exchange with API integrations do not need to lift a finger (incentive for those who haven't!). Expect reports to be delivered 7-10 business days after we receive your data.

Q: What does the Candidate Movement report tell me?
A: This is a sales tool to tell you when candidates you previously placed leave their job, creating "backfill" opportunities – call their previous employer and ask if you can fill the job! You should also follow these candidates into their new employers and ask about hiring needs there:

Q: So, what's the deal with the Hiring Manager report?
A: See answer above – the HM report is nearly identical to the Candidate Movement report, and helps you know when a key hiring contact changes jobs. Call their previous employer and establish a new point of contact, and then call them at their new company and open up job orders there.

Q: What do the "Action Taken" buttons mean on the Backdoor Hire report?
A: Data we provide is either "Valid" (good information you didn't know), or "Invalid" (bad information for one reason or another).

Valid options like "Full Fee" means we discovered a BDH and you collected your fee. "Partial Fee" means you got paid in part. Sometimes clients give you "New Job Order(s)" in lieu of payment – that's great. Sometimes there's a "Future Opportunity" with clients down the line. Other times, a lead is "Not Pursued" because you don't want to rock the boat with a client.

Invalid options like "Incorrectly Marked in ATS" mean that your recruiter made a mistake and didn't mark the candidate as placed – super common, easily fixed. "Wrong Candidate" and "Wrong Client" are ways for you to tell our algorithm that we got the person/company. "Known Placement" means you had everything right in your system, and we screwed up.

Every time you provide feedback with this button, our algorithm gets smarter and will deliver better results in the future.

Q: What happens if I accidentally mark something as "Invalid"?
A: Easy, click the "Show Invalidated" button and your Invalid results will come back to life. Nothing's ever deleted, just hidden ;-)

Q: Why would I want to export data as CSV, Excel or PDF?
A: If you want to share this data with your recruiters without giving them access to your dashboard, download the data as an XLS and email it around. It's easily sortable and usable :-)