How to Collect Fees Without Damaging Client Relationships

Whenever an agency finds a "backdoor hire", we recommend they follow a standard protocol to ensure they collect their fee and maintain good client relationships:

  1. Get your facts in order - Before you reach out to the client, make sure you have your contract, related emails, and any other documentation in order so that you can make your case clearly.
  2. Communication, communication, communication - Always give your client the benefit of the doubt and assume that they simply lost track of the candidate’s source. Shoot them a short email clarifying what happened and chances are you’ll get your fee in a jiffy.
  3. If at all possible, work it out - If your client doesn’t pay you by the invoice due date, give them an extension and try to get them on the horn to explain the situation.  Let them know you value the relationship.

We hope these tips help you collect fees and maintain excellent client relationships.

Let us know if you have questions on a specific collections issue, or would like to schedule a demo to learn how HIRABL can help you identify potential backdoor hires in your business. 

How do you handle collecting fees when you discover backdoor hires? Comment below!