Announcing Two New Services to Accelerate Revenue

HIRABL recently released two new features to help agencies grow sales revenue:

1) Hiring Manager Tracker, which notifies your agency when a hiring authority you work with changes employers. This allows you to ensure you preserve your existing job orders at their former employer, and also follow that hiring manager into a new company to open new job orders.

Here's an example where Robert moved from House of Fraser to Salesforce as of August 2015:

When you see this hiring manager information, you should make two calls: (1) a call to the Previous Company to find a new point of contact, and (2) a call to the Hiring Manager to talk about how you can help their Current Employer hire.

2) Candidate Tracker, which notifies you when candidates you've previously placed move jobs. When these candidates make a move, there's a chance to "backfill" their position, and also follow the candidate into a new company where you can open more job orders.

Here's an example of a candidate, Tunji, leaving The Economist to work at Walt Disney beginning September 2015:

When you see this candidate information, you should make two calls: (1) a call to the Previously Placed Company to see if they need to "backfill" the position, and (2) a call to the Candidate at their Current Employer to talk about the firm's hiring needs, and to ask for the hiring manager's name.

Doesn't LinkedIn alert me to these changes already? Yes, but only if your contacts are connections, and only if you're paying attention. Truthfully, most recruiters see this information and then quickly move on, resulting in a missed opportunity.

Sign up for a free blind audit of your data to see which of your candidates and hiring managers have made a move recently, and also see how many backdoor hires (when a client hires a candidate without your knowledge) that you may be missing!