What To Do When a Hiring Manager Changes Jobs

Every time a Hiring Manager you work with changes jobs, it represents equal parts risk and opportunity. We recommend you make two calls:

RISK: You lose your point of contact, and you thus lose job orders and your client relationship.

CALL 1: To prevent this, ring your client and ask for your new point of contact. While you're talking with them (and looking smart because you knew that your prior POC left), ask about their hiring needs and how you can help. These calls often yield new job orders.

OPPORTUNITY: You can establish a new client relationships through your contact that just changed jobs.

CALL 2: Call your former POC, congratulate them on their new job, and ask how you can help them fill jobs at their new employer.

Every month, HIRABL will update your reports with this type of valuable information – be sure to make these two calls, and go get those job orders!