The Beautiful Game - Just like Recruitment

We're coming to the end of the year and hopefully 2016 has been a successful year for you.

With the New Year comes the opening of the football transfer window, you can bet your life that agents are working their festive socks off to get deals lined up for the players they represent.

So, who will be the movers and the shakers??  Will Ibrahimovic make the move to China, Rooney to Italy or will Saido Berahino finally leave West Brom?

Whilst football agents have had some bad press over the years, their ability to nurture talent, build relationships and ensure that both club and player get the best deal means they are worthy of their fee. 

The same can be said for recruiters. The ability to source talent, put them in touch with the right roles at the right time and ensure their clients are getting the best possible people means they are good value for their fee.

With the timing of an introduction so important, how do the agents ensure that they make the right call, at the right time, to the right coach?  Despite the volume of press coverage that football has, it's really difficult to keep up to speed on which player has moved to what club, who has been made captain or received an international call up or the coach you work with has moved to another team.  The agent really has to be on top of their network of contacts to ensure they make money.

So, like the football agents, how do you know whether one of your candidates or clients has moved jobs or has just been promoted?  What are the benefits to knowing this information as soon as it happens?

Hirabl analyses your CRM data and identifies the unique movements of your most valuable candidates and clients so that you can make more money, whether it's a backfill or a new job order.

On the reverse. can you imagine the uproar if after all this hard work and negotiations, the club and the player decided to do the deal directly. How would you feel if the middle man "You" was cut out of the deal.

Our figures suggest as many as 1 in 500 introductions results in a candidate being hired without the recruiters knowledge.  How many introductions do you make? How much revenue could you and your consultants be missing out on.

Hirabl can help you with this frequent problem, highlighting lost revenue and generating new business opportunities.

Don't be beaten by teams trying to avoid the agents fees.  You work hard, do a good job and deserve to be paid.  Ensure your contracts are tight to ensure that your actions do not result in one of your players moving on a free transfer.

Wishing you a successful and prosperous 2017.