Product Improvements Coming in March

We are making three significant improvements to HIRABL that will make it even easier for your agency to make even more money:

  1. Added as a data source to track candidate and hiring manager movements.
  2. Optimized the web interface for faster loading.
  3. Designed a totally revamped interface that will push actionable information to your recruiters' inboxes, and also include a better mobile interface.

By adding Resumes, we've increased candidate and hiring manager coverage up to 5x in some verticals (sales, IT, finance/accounting)!

We are also improving our coverage of medical websites like Doximity, WebMD, and others.

Most importantly, we've learned that recruiters live in email – we are reworking the service to become a "push" service that delivers actionable information to your recruiters' inbox. This will make the service easier to use, and ultimately increase ROI for your agency.

As ever, please drop us a line with recommendations on other improvements we can make: