Current Client FAQ

How does HIRABL work?

HIRABL compares submission, candidate, and hiring manager data inside your ATS / CRM to publicly available professional data online to identify “backdoor hires” and candidate and hiring manager movements. Knowing when and where your candidates and hiring managers change jobs enables you to secure new job orders and professional referrals, while ensuring your agency doesn’t suffer from “backdoor hires”, ultimately increasing recruiter profitability.

What does it mean to “extend the lifetime value” of your relationships in recruitment?

In recruitment, your network is your business – the more you know what’s happening within your network, the more money you make, and more easily you can “extend the lifetime value” of these relationships.

By staying in touch with your candidates and hiring managers at critical junctures in their careers, recruiters are able to identify “backfill” opportunities, secure new job orders, and expand existing client relationships.

What is a “backdoor hire”? A “finisher”?

A backdoor hire is when a candidate you submitted is hired without your knowledge, and you don’t get paid for the placement. Over a billion dollars a year are lost to backdoor hires.

A contract finisher is a temporary worker who is rehired without your knowledge, and you don’t get paid the “on-hire” or “conversion” fee. Billions of dollars annually are lost by recruiters because of missed finishers.

Do backdoor hires or contract finishers happen in my industry?

Yes. Every industry experience “backdoor hires” or missed “temp-to-perm conversion fees”. Every year recruiters lose billions of dollars due to backdoor hires and missed conversion fees!

What can I expect to get from the HIRABL reports?

HIRABL offers the following reports:

  • Backdoor hire report to ensure you get paid for your work

  • Contract finishers report to ensure no one takes your contractors without paying

  • Candidate movement and promotion reports to identify “backfill” and new job orders

  • Submitted candidate movement and promotion reports – invaluable sourcing tools!

  • Hiring manager movement and promotion reports – invaluable biz dev insights

I’ve signed up to HIRABL, now what?

You're in the good hands of Client Service, who should have emailed you an outline of the next 30 days and how we’ll get your agency up and running. Haven’t heard from Client Service? Email and we’ll get on it!

How often do I receive reports?

It depends on which HIRABL plan you signed up. Essential clients receive quarterly analysis (every 90 days). Premier and Insights clients receive monthly analyses. In all plans, emails are sent to Consultants either weekly or bi-weekly (depending on your preference) to keep them abreast of new and outstanding intel from HIRABL.

How do I get the most out of my agency’s HIRABL reports?

Check out FAQ’s and Report Deep Dive manuals to learn how to maximize the value of each HIRABL report. Want more help? Email and we’ll setup a time to talk more specifically.

I’ve found a  backdoor hire or contract finisher. How do I approach the client?

We wrote the guide on how to collect on backdoor hires: Fee Collection and Compliance. Give it a read, and drop us a line if you have specific situational questions not already answered there.

Where can I provide my ideas for a new feature or product feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Email – yes, we feed all our new ideas into our sales team, who are constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of the market.

I have more questions - I need help!

No worries – we’re here to help – email

How can I “reassign” leads to another consultant/recruiter?

Click on a contact to view their detail card. Click the "Reassign" button at the top of the card and then type the name of the individual to reassign the lead to.

How can I better map my ATS / CRM data into HIRABL?

Setup a call with our client service team to talk through your data mapping:

There are errors in our report – who do I contact? will get you sorted ASAP.