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Backdoor Hire Report

Found a backdoor hire? Read through our Fee Collection and Compliance to ensure you're successful in getting paid!

Hiring Manager Reports

Protect your current client relationship – the relationship you have built with a hiring manager is incredibly important. They are the access point to your client. If they leave a client, you need to ensure you are finding and developing a relationship with another hiring manager in that business immediately. As soon as you receive an alert, make sure you find a new point of contact at that client.
Take individual relationship into new client – you have worked with this hiring manager previously, so make sure you call/email them at their new company and turn it into a new client.
Market intelligence – are hiring managers leaving a certain client? Why is that? Does this mean more people from their team will be looking for a new position. Find out on the call and make sure you use that information to get your next referral, warm lead or new job order.
Updates/New clients – even if you don’t have success in initially contacting the hiring manager, make sure you update the records (and contact details) in your ATS/CRM. This will feed all of your marketing and ensure you have current information on your system to call upon.

Placed Candidate Reports

Leverage candidate relationship into new role – you placed this person. Make sure if they move or get promoted you are calling them and ensure you get all market intelligence about the company, any potential job requisitions and referrals.
Backfill – if the candidate has since changed companies, that’s the easiest backfill call you can ever make! You know the hiring manager, you’ve placed people there previously. Call immediately to try and get that new job order.
Re-engage older placed candidates – There may be records of candidates you placed, who have since changed company months ago. It’s time to see if they are interested in new jobs! Now they have moved to a new company, you are not conflicted out of headhunting them.
Leverage your success! In the promotion report – you are getting records of when you’re the candidate you have placed got promoted. Make sure you call the hiring manager you placed the candidate with and pat yourself on the back! Also, the candidate should be extremely happy – use that success in attracting and headhunting other candidates.
General market intelligence – are there any trends you are seeing in your movements? Use this to find where else your should be marketing your candidates.

Submitted Candidate Reports

Leverage candidate relationship– you know this candidate (you submitted them!), so use that personal relationship to your advantage! Give the candidate a quick call to discuss:

  • Market Intelligence at their new company/in their new role
  • Have they become a hiring manager?
  • Have they got new skills – are they marketable to new jobs?
  • Do they know anyone else interested in a role – former colleagues?
  • Did they leave their previous company in good standing? What’s happening there?

Backfill – a candidate that you know of has moved company. Can you backfill their position? Call straight into the company they have left to register that job.
Potential backdoor hire at related company – has your client passed along your candidate’s resume to one of their subsidiaries, a parent or a sister company? If their new company name is completely different to your submission data, you may find these instances in the Submitted Candidate movement report.
General market intelligence – are there any trends you are seeing in the movement report? Are people moving from one company to another? Use this information to your advantage in your BD calls.

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