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"This is the easiest return-on-investment to calculate that I've run across… We've recovered fees equal to 16 years of HIRABL's costs within the first 6 months of use.” - Ron Stanley, Stanley Reid and Associates. 

"We quickly found tens of thousands of dollars in fees that we would not otherwise have found, delivering a significant ROI." - Drew Lindsay, CEO, GuruLink.


"HIRABL's software solves real problems for recruitment agencies, and generates real return on investment. It's an innovation that the industry has long-needed.” - Bruce Chesser, Credit Manager, BMS Performance.

"HIRABL offers an incredible ROI. The chance to recoup lost money, identify hot leads, and painlessly keep tabs on past contacts are just a few reasons why we partnered with HIRABL. Knowledge is power and the quality of the information shared by HIRABL is priceless. ” - Bill Kasko, CEO of Frontline Source Group.

"HIRABL has quickly provided an incredible ROI for Betts Recruiting, both in terms of fees collected and time saved in the process.” – Radley Meyers, Director, Betts Recruiting.

“EXCELLENT!!” - Len Adams, Founder and CEO, Adams Consulting Group

"Our first report usefully trawled back several years and from 8 or 9 possibilities, after doing our homework we've managed to quickly recover two sizeable fees and are confidently pursuing one other." - Martin Anderson, Founder, Carrot Pharma.